Hineni (CD)


Hineni (CD)


This CD is the second release of original klezmer music by Sherry Mayrent, clarinetist with Owen Davidson on accordion and Lynn Lovell on bass. For Mayrent, discovering klezmer was discovering her long lost native language. Her compositions, which are virtually indistinguishable, stylistically, from tunes that have been in the klezmer repertoire for generations, are her way of telling her listeners about traditional Yiddish culture and what it means to her. They span the spectrum of moods and styles, from the introspective title track to a light-hearted waltz. The choice of a smaller ensemble here also permits an exploration of the interrelationships among the instruments, a key element in Wholesale's style, and one that is based on the Eastern European Jewish style of prayer.


  • Hayntike yidn (The Jews of Today)
  • Hineni (Here I am)
  • Freylekhs oyf eyn fus (Freylekhs on one foot)
  • Tsvey khosidlekh (Two khosidls)
  • Zeyde tantst (Grandpa dances)
  • Vals (Waltz)
  • Azoy geyt es (So it goes)
  • Ver veys? (Who knows?)
  • Finster un glitshik (Dark and mysterious)
  • Der bobes hent (Grandma's hands)
  • Tants gemish (Dance medley)
  • Erev yom tov (The day/evening before a holiday)


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The three musicians on this CD are from the larger Wholesale Klezmer Band. All compositions heard here are by Sherry Mayrent who proves to be not only a fine composer but also an excellent clarinetist. Sherry can elicit an amazing variety of emotions from her clarinet in true Klezmer style....The mix of original tunes here is very nifty; there is some sprightly toe tapping, balanced nicely by some slower, more emotional numbers. Highlights on this CD, for me, include the title piece, “Hineni” and “Hayntike yidn” although I didn’t find a selection that I disliked....What is my overall impression of this CD? I think it is quite satisfying and a special kudos to Sherry for the excellent compositions.
— Robert Berta, Free Reed Review
Anyone who has ever listened to Sherry Mayrent play clarinet, or better yet, watched her perform with Wholesale Klezmer, recognizes prayer as a component of her music.... On this album, Sherry ...explores those spiritual dimensions in her own material.... Yet, this is not new age klezmer....By stripping the sound down to the basics, the ensemble manages to combine an “early klez” sound (although the instrumentation is very much here and now, as is the precision and feeling...) with an urgency and thoughtfulness that are much more modern, much more cognizant of klezmer as a form of prayer than representative of klezmer as simkha music. At some point I realized that this album is also Mayrent’s storytelling; these aren’t stories told with English and Yiddish words...but with the trill and flow of the clarinet....[T]his is an inspiring, and peaceful album.
— Ari Davidow