Klezmer for Everyone, volume 2 (book/CD set)


Klezmer for Everyone, volume 2 (book/CD set)


A collection of Yiddish instrumental tunes intended for the use and enjoyment of all musicians, at all levels of skill and experience. Please note that these are not transcriptions, but plain, unadorned versions of the melodies and basic, traditional chords, leaving lots of room for individual interpretation as players grow into the style.

For beginners, the basic melodies offer a simple, but musical, version that sounds authentic as written. For more advanced players, the simple melody can become the skeleton of an individually embellished performance. For bands of all sizes, these charts can serve as a reference, providing information about the traditional harmony for each tune, and can serve as the beginning of a core repertoire.

Available for C, Bb, Eb, F, bass clef and alto clef instruments. Includes a collection of recordings of the tunes from 78rpm records, available as either a CD or download.


  • Baym rebns sude
  • Baym rebn in Palestine
  • Bessarabian honga
  • Die mame iz gegangen
  • Freylekhs fun der khupe
  • Freylekhs nokh der khupe
  • Gypsy
  • Kalarash
  • Khosn kale mazl tov
  • Kiever bulgar
  • Leybedik Naftule
  • Menukho v'simkho
  • Moskowitz terkisher #1
  • Nakhes fun kinder
  • Oy, tate
  • Sha! Der rebe tantst
  • Simkhes toyre
  • Skotshne #59
  • Tarras sher
  • Trinkt, briderlakh, lekhayim
  • Tsadiks zemerl
  • Unzer toyrele
  • Ukrainer khosidl


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“Klezmer for Everyone” is the best way for musicians of all levels of proficiency to learn how to play traditional Yiddish music. The series offers opportunities to learn for both sight-readers and those that play by ear. When both types are learning together, I have seen the learning of all be enhanced. The series is genius in it’s simplicity, and allows the student to increase their learning according to their ability, whether solo, or learning as a group. The pieces included reflect an excellent range of the types of tunes found in the lexicon of known instrumental Yiddish tunes.
— Dylan M Blackthorn