Yidn Fun Amol (The Jews of Long Ago)


Yidn Fun Amol (The Jews of Long Ago)


This third release by the Wholesale Klezmer Band offers a taste of what it is like to be at a traditional Jewish celebration. There are a number of longer dance medleys on this CD, including a 16-minute extravaganza that gives listeners a real sense of being on the dance floor. The title track, written by clarinetist Sherry Mayrent, and vocalist Yosl Kurland's "Redt yidish (Speak Yiddish)" both offer a look at why the members of this group do the work they do, connecting the present with the past and also with the future, as these performers continue to explore the unique contributions of Yiddish and Yiddish culture to our contemporary world.


  • Dem Klezmers Lebn (The Musician's Life) music by Sherry Mayrent
  • Yidn fun Amol (Jews of Long Ago) words by Sherry Mayrent
  • Hora Gemish (Hora Medley)
  • Adir Hu ( Glorious is G-d)
  • Terkisher Gemish ( Terkisher Medley)
  • Redt Yidish ( Speak Yiddish) words and music by Yosl Kurland
  • Dem Rebns Tants (The Rebbe's Dance)
  • Tants Gemish (Dance Medley)
  • Menukho v'Simkho (Rest and Gladness)
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What I especially enjoy live, and what comes off to good effect on this album, is the effort the band makes to reconnect their audiences with Jewish storytelling and a sense of Yiddish as a living language. ....The other side of the live feel is the medleys, including a huge 16 minute bash towards the end, that reflect how klezmer music is really played when you want people to dance.... The medleys also give clarinet player Sherry Mayrent a chance to showcase her soulful playing....
— Ari Davidow, Klezmer Shack