Zogn a Nign (Downloadable Book - F Instruments)


Zogn a Nign (Downloadable Book - F Instruments)


This is Sherry Mayrent’s debut album and her first recording of original klezmer tunes. For Mayrent, discovering klezmer was discovering her long lost native language. Her compositions, which are virtually indistinguishable, stylistically, from tunes that have been in the klezmer repertoire for generations, are her way of telling her listeners about traditional Yiddish culture and what it means to her. Her clarinet is here accompanied by Brian Bender on piano.


  • Tsvey klezmorim
  • Dem zeydns mayse
  • On a tam un on a ram
  • Oy, milkhiks
  • Sheyne meydlekh
  • Oy, di bokherim!
  • Sosn-vesimkhe
  • Lekoved mayn rebenyu
  • Elul
  • Tashlikh
  • Vals
  • Nokh der khasene
  • Me vart oyf Eliyahu
  • Bubkes
  • A shidukh fun himl
  • Kholem tants
  • New England honga
  • Malekh hamoves
  • In veg
  • Ikh benk nokh tantsn
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